Instant Diagnosis Everywhere


Instant Diagnosis Everywhere

We believe access to diagnostic imaging expertise should be fast, seamless and universal. At Visla, we’re empowering radiologists and healthcare providers to deliver that expertise when and where it’s needed, making a positive impact on fellow human lives across the globe.



A Global Healthcare Solution

Medical imaging expertise is not evenly distributed. This is true whether you live in Liberia, where there are only a handful of radiologists in the entire country, or in the United States, where the majority of the 34,000+ radiologists are concentrated in urban centers. We’re helping to connect expertise to the places that need it most by creating a platform that seamlessly connects healthcare providers and radiologists.

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The Future of Medical Imaging

Simple yet powerful. We’ve created a medical image viewer that’s streamlined to fit your needs. A customizable reporting interface simplified for healthcare providers. A flexible and unconstrained interface for radiologists. Our software runs anywhere, from 5-year old PCs to the latest and greatest touch devices.

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Healthcare Providers

Seamlessly integrated. Our customizable reporting interface connects directly to your PACS and EHR to make viewing and reporting as simple as possible. Or just drag and drop DICOM images directly onto the app to see them instantly.

Expertise at your fingertips. Send studies to an expert or group of experts whenever it’s needed, or automatically send every study. It’s entirely up to you.

Visual results where you expect them. Get back results directly in the app. No need to wait for a fax or type anything in. Our visual reports are also designed from the ground up to be easily understood and presentable to patients, enhancing their experience.

Conversational. Need a deeper understanding of the radiological findings? Just ask. Our chat interface is easy to use and provides a direct channel to a Radiologist when needed.



Instant loading. Gain access to detailed images in under a second. No lag time.

Ease of prioritization. Our advanced AI helps you focus on the studies you’re most interested in. Whether triaging scans or zeroing in on a particular finding, the choice is yours.

Work from anywhere. Not only is our viewer uniquely powerful, it runs anywhere, even offline. Though you’ll need an internet connection to send and receive studies.

Information at a glance. We do the heavy lifting to bring the information you need front and center, facilitating diagnoses.

Fast reporting. Our visual reporting interface enables you to quickly and directly report on medical studies, streamlining the entire process.


Caution—Investigational Device, Limited by Federal Law to Investigational Use within the United States pending 510(k) clearance.


Our Impact
Changes Lives

We’re working with radiologists and healthcare providers throughout the world. Fast access to medical imaging expertise helps speed diagnosis and treatment, which can alleviate suffering and even potentially save lives. That’s why it’s critical we work together to deliver that access.


Indonesia, the Philippines and Singapore
In some regions, scan results used to take 3 to 6 months. With our technology, they’re being delivered in 100 milliseconds.

United States (Investigational Use Only)*
In care settings, reads can typically take 30 minutes to several hours. Our technology is able to make results available in real-time.

*Caution—Investigational device, limited by Federal Law to Investigational Use pending 501(k) clearance.